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086 Sumba, East Sumba

Hinggi (men's blanket)  magnifier

Origin: Sumba, East Sumba
Locale: Kapunduk (near Kenatang).
Period: 1960s
Yarn: Cotton (kapas biasa)
Technique: Warp ikat
Panels: 2
Size: 100 x 258 cm (39.3 x 101.5)
Design: Hinggi patola ratu. (So called after central band with patola ratu motif.) Main field with Iban inspired male figures with raised hands, ribcages showing and genitals exposed, and large and small ayam hutan. Unusual ikated kepala (end borders) extending beyond width of the cloth, a type of decoration which some weavers began to experiment with around 1960.
Comment: Beautiful blanket, masterfully woven. Uncommon patola ratu midfield in pale indigo, white and soft morinda red. Standing male figures inspired by Iban Dayak motifs. (Sumbanese weavers often loan patterns.) The fact that the borders have been executed in ikat, leaving no space for kabakil, a border in supplementary weft, signals that the cloth was never intended for daily use.
Background: For additional information see chapter on Sumba and/or East Sumba.
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