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  • 006 NDAO
    Blanket. Warp ikat. 1920-40. Village unknown. .
  • 008 NDAO
    Blanket. Warp ikat. 1920-1940 . Village unknown. .
  • 125 NDAO
    Lafa (shawl). Warp ikat. 1940. Village unknown.
  • 290 NDAO
    Lafa (shawl). Warp ikat. 1910-1930

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The links above give access to detailed descriptions of all the cloths from this island or region in the collection. The full article on the historical and cultural background of this island or region is temporarily inaccessible. As dissemination of information on Indonesian ikat is one of our primary aims, you can be assured that full public access will be restored as soon as feasible. Should you wish to access the deaccessioned information for scholarly purposes, please contact us through the contact page.



As of this writing there is no monograph on the ikat of Ndao. What little information there is forms part of articles on the ikat of Roti. Two of the better sources are a short article by Fox in Textile Traditions of Indonesia, simply titled Roti, Ndao and Savu, and Figure Shark and Pattern Crocodile: The Foundations of the Textile Traditions of Roti and Ndao, his substantial contribution to Indonesian Textiles, a collection of papers in typescript edited by Mattiebelle Gittinger.

Map of Ndao (off Roti)

Google Earth image of Ndao, clearly showing the barren nature of its terrain. The red dot marks Oli, the 'capital'.

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