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  • 064 TORAJA
    Seko mandi (shroud). Warp ikat. 1970s. Seko village. Pa'tannunu.
  • 066 TORAJA
    Seko mandi (shroud). Warp ikat. 1970s. Galumpang district.
  • 067 TORAJA
    Seko mandi (shroud). Warp ikat. 1970s. Galumpang district.
  • 068 TORAJA
    Pori lonjong (funerary banner). Warp ikat. 1970s. Sa'dan.
  • 100 TORAJA
    Pori lonjong (funerary banner). Warp ikat. Late colonial. Rongkong, probably.
  • 201 TORAJA
    Sekomandi (shroud). Warp ikat. Late 19th - early 20th c. Ronkong.
  • 225 TORAJA
    Ceremonial sarong or shroud. Warp ikat. Early 20th c. Probably made in Rongkong for Karataon Toraja who live in the mountains near the western coast.
  • 247 TORAJA
    Seko mandi (shroud). Warp ikat. 1930-1945. Ronkong or Kalumpang .

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The links above give access to detailed descriptions of all the cloths from this island or region in the collection. The full article on the historical and cultural background of this island or region is temporarily inaccessible. As dissemination of information on Indonesian ikat is one of our primary aims, you can be assured that full public access will be restored as soon as feasible. Should you wish to access the deaccessioned information for scholarly purposes, please contact us through the contact page.



As of this writing in 2016 there is no monograph on the textiles of the Toraja. Most books covering Indonesian textiles have chapters on Sulawesi, in which Toraja ikat usually figures rather prominently.

Map of Sulawesi

map Sulawesi
Sulawesi as seen from space. To the left is Borneo (Kalimantan), the parrot's beak to the right is New Guinea.

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