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  • 057 BATAK
    Ulos (shawl). Warp ikat. Late 19th tot early 20th c. Holbung/Uluan, bordering south shore of Lake Toba, and to the north of the Silindung valley.
  • 069 BANGKA
    Limar (shawl). Weft ikat. 18th to mid 19th c. Malay people. Probably Muntok village on Bangka, else from Palembang.
  • 070 BANGKA
    Limar (shawl). Weft ikat. 1750-1825. Bangka, probably Muntok village, Malay people.
  • 146 BATAK
    Ulos (shawl). Warp ikat. Early 20th c. Village unknown.
  • 147 BANGKA
    Limar (shawl). Weft ikat. 1850-1900. Probably Muntuk on Bangka, less likely Palembang on Sumatra. Malay people.
  • 168 LAMPUNG
    Tapis (sarong). Warp ikat, silk embroidery. 18th-19th c. Paminggir, mountain people.
  • 174 BATAK
    Uwi (shawl). Warp ikat. 19th to early 20th c. . Si Tolu Huta area (probably), bordering Toba and Karo.
  • 203 ACEH
    Ija (man's sarong). Warp ikat. 1800-1850. Village unknown.
    Limar (shawl). Weft ikat, silk embroidery, couching. 18th-19th c. Palembang.
  • 217 BATAK
    Ulos (shawl). Warp ikat. Late 19th C. Silundung region.
  • 226 KAUR
    Tapis (sarong). Warp ikat, silk embroidery, mica sequins. 19th c.
  • 227 KAUR
    Tapis (sarong). Warp ikat, silk embroidery, mica sequins. 19th c.
  • 241 KAUR
    Tapis (sarong). Warp ikat. Mid 19th to very early 20th c.
  • 249 BATAK
    Ulos (shawl). Warp ikat. Second quarter 20th c. Silindung valley,most likely, but also found in other regions, be it locally made or imported from Silindung. .
  • 252 BATAK
    Ulos (shawl). Warp ikat. Early 20th c. Toba. Probably Silalahi, Si Tolu Huta region, else Silindung Valley.
  • 253 BATAK
    Uwi (shawl). Warp ikat. 19th to early 20th c. . Si Tolu Huta area (probably), bordering Toba and Karo.
  • 257 BATAK
    Ulos (shawl). Warp ikat, supplementary weft and supplementary warp. 19th c. Toba Batak, probably from region South of Lake Toba.

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As of this writing there is no monograph on the ikat textiles of Sumatra yet. Please refer to the Literature section for more general works covering Indonesian textiles, such as Splendid Symbols. The standard work on Batak textiles is Sandra Niessen, Legacy in cloth: Batak textiles of Indonesia.

Map of Sumatra

Antique Dutch map of Sumatra and Bangka by Pieter van der Aa, 1707. Note that Palembang is here spelled Palambam.

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