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  • 004 WEST TIMOR
    Turban cloth. Warp ikat. 1940-50. Probably made by Atoni people (Atoin meto).
  • 005 WEST TIMOR
    Mau (Blanket). Warp ikat. 1950-1960. Niki-Niki area of Amanuban.
  • 013 WEST TIMOR
    Mau (blanket). Warp ikat. 1910-1940. Amanuban, largest of the Atoni kingdoms.
  • 031 WEST TIMOR
    Tais (sarong). Warp ikat. 1940-1950. Niki-Niki region of Amanuban.
  • 081 WEST TIMOR
    Blanket. Warp ikat. 1950-1960. Subun, Western Insana, North Central Timor.
  • 094 WEST TIMOR
    Beti (blanket). Warp ikat. 1940-1955. Probably Manumain B. .
  • 095 WEST TIMOR
    Beti (blanket). Warp ikat. 1920-1930. Insana, North Central Timor, near Maubesi.
  • 112 WEST TIMOR
    Mau (blanket). Warp ikat. Circa 1910. Amanuban, largest of the old Atoni kingdoms.
  • 120 WEST TIMOR
    Tais mane (blanket). Warp ikat. 1930-1940. Waenopu (eastern part of Timor Barat, Belu Regency).
  • 132 WEST TIMOR
    Selimut (blanket). Warp ikat. 1925-1950. Maubesi, a market village between Insana and Kefamenanu.
  • 133 WEST TIMOR
    Sarong. Warp ikat. 1960. Insana District. Timor Tengah Utara.
  • 137 WEST TIMOR
    Tais mane (blanket). Warp ikat. 1960-1970. Malaka.
  • 149 WEST TIMOR
    Beti (blanket). Warp ikat. 1940-1960. Insana, North Central Timor.
  • 150 WEST TIMOR
    Bete krao (blanket). Warp ikat. 1970. Manulea (Malaka Tengah), Atoin Meto people.
  • 159 WEST TIMOR
    Mau (blanket). Warp ikat. First half of the 20th c. Amanatun, a rather isolated part of Timor Tengah Selatan Regency; Bokong village or the Oinlasi area.
  • 162 WEST TIMOR
    Blanket. Warp ikat. Circa 1950. Could be Semau, or Kupang region in Western Timor. .
  • 176 WEST TIMOR
    Beti (blanket). Warp ikat. 1920-1945. Biboki, Insana district, probably Tamkesi area, in the mountainous spine of Timor. Atoin Meto (Atoni) people.
  • 177 WEST TIMOR
    Beti (blanket). Warp ikat. 1940-1955. Biboki, Insana district. Atoin Meto (Atoni) people.
  • 181 WEST TIMOR
    Beti (blanket). Warp ikat. Circa 1950. Amanuban or Miomafo.
  • 182 WEST TIMOR
    Beti (blanket). Warp ikat and supplementary warp. Circa 1950. Miomafo, Biboki, Insana districit, probably from area just north of Kefemenanu; Atoin Meto (Atoni) people.
  • 183 WEST TIMOR
    Tais (sarong). Warp ikat. Late 19th c. Northern Biboki, Insana district. Tetum people.
  • 191 WEST TIMOR
    Tais (sarong). Weft ikat. 1930-1950. Amarasi, Oekabiti clan.
  • 192 WEST TIMOR
    Beti (blanket). Weft ikat. 1930-1950. Amarasi, Oekabiti clan.
  • 206 WEST TIMOR
    Tais (sarong). Warp ikat. 1925-1945. Amarasi, Baun people.
  • 207 WEST TIMOR
    Tais (sarong). Warp ikat. 1920-1940. Amarasi, Oekabiti clan.
  • 208 WEST TIMOR
    Tais (sarong). Warp ikat. 1950. Amarasi, Atoin Meto people, Oekabiti clan.
  • 215 WEST TIMOR
    Tais koli (shroud). Warp ikat. 1950. Tetun people, probably from Malaka, S.E. Western Timor; possibly from Suai Loro or Camenaça, Cova Lima district, across the border in Timor Leste.
  • 216 WEST TIMOR
    Beti (blanket). Warp ikat. 1950-1960. Biboki, Insana district.
  • 224 WEST TIMOR
    Bete krao (blanket). Weft ikat. Late 19th to early 20th c. Manulea (Malaka Tengah), Atoin Meto people.
  • 235 WEST TIMOR
    Fat (blanket). Warp ikat. 19th to early 20th c. Anas region of northern Amanatun.
  • 244 WEST TIMOR
    Mau (blanket). Warp ikat. 1930s. Amanuban, largest of the old Atoni kingdoms.
  • 245 WEST TIMOR
    Mau (blanket). Warp ikat. 1930-1950. Miomafo or Amanuban .
  • 258 WEST TIMOR
    Beti (blanket). Warp ikat. 1900-1930. Insana, most likely.
  • 282 WEST TIMOR
    Beti (blanket). Warp ikat. 1930-1950. Amanuban, largest of the old Atoni kingdoms.
  • 285 WEST TIMOR
    Tais (sarong). Warp ikat and buna.. Circa 1910. Malaka Timur, Tetun people. .
  • 287 WEST TIMOR
    Beti (blanket). Warp ikat. 1920-1945. Insana region, perhaps Ainuit village.
  • 289 WEST TIMOR
    Mau (Blanket). Warp ikat. 1930-1950. Unidentified.

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With their well documented, lavishly illustrated Textiles of Western Timor, Yeager and Jacobson were thought to have pretty much scorched the earth of Western Timor. Until Fowler published Textiles of Timor, by Hamilton and Barrkman, ed., which also cover East Timor.

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Map of western Timor prepared by the Dutch colonial government, 1898. Click on map to open high resolution version in new window.

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